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"I want to know God's thoughts, the rest are details."
Albert Einstein


Dr. Sheel Tangri's Let It Flow - Hands-on techniques for healing the body, mind and spirit LET IT FLOW

Hands-on techniques for healing the body, mind and spirit

Dr. Sheel Tangri

Welcome to my website. Applied Kinesiology or Kinesiology is a modality for evaluating and treating any condition in the human body using manual muscle testing as the main indicator for verifying if a problem exists in the body, or to verify if a correction on the body has been beneficial to the body and is lasting. Founded originally by chiropractic doctors, myself being one, I use the title of Chiropractic Kinesiologist or Specialized Kinesiologist.

My book “Let It Flow”, available on this website in downloadable format gives a complete explanation into my approach. Below, on this home page, I have also placed two sets of videos. The first is an introduction into Applied Kinesiology, and the second is an explanation of Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.), a very specific and powerful technique in the field of Applied Kinesiology, of which I am a specialist in. Many of my patients have commented that the video’s in combination with the FAQ (“frequently asked questions”) section helped in understanding why this technique is appropriate for them and their loved ones.

The nervous system works very much like a computer regulating thousands of daily body processes, as well as responding to physical, emotional, and chemical stressors that are a part of everyday life. With the discovery of applied kinesiology in the mid-sixties, doctors now had a powerful technique to get instant feedback from the body, with regard to the status of energy flow through the nervous system.

As all moving systems eventually fatigue or breakdown from use, it is only natural that the nervous system can "blow fuses" from time to time throughout life. It makes sense that one should periodically have their nervous systems checked and corrected by a "body electrician": in other words a Specialized Kinesiologist.

With the techniques that I have learned as well as developed, I can detect and demonstrate any faults existing in the circuitry using manual muscle testing or “circuit testing” as I like to call it. I can then correct the circuitry very quickly using digital pressure on the Meridian systems found in acupuncture, the lymphatic system and other points found on the body. Precise pressure and location can help reconnect the circuitry, without much force or any pain. Using the muscle/ciruit testing procedure, one can recheck the circuit, demonstrating that the body has been corrected.

What is truly amazing is that it is possible to check and correct the circuits of asymptomatic children and adults before they develop into symptoms. Through these methods we can truly offer preventative health care. The feedback and information is received by the body memory, so it is not so important whether the patient remembers previous traumas or if they believe that the trauma was severe or not. The body will give information as to what is working and what is not. My duty is to reset what is not working and not interfere with what is. To "let it flow" again.

It is becoming more apparent to all of us that we are not just a physical body. While N.O.T. is a very effective, painless, and lasting treatment for the physical body, there are also emotional, chemical (dietary), and spiritual issues that must be taken into consideration. My approach is to assist you in removing old blocks using the methods I describe in “Let It Flow”, much like resetting a computer and cleaning out old files. It is the person’s responsibility, however, to become more conscious about how to maintain and prevent the return of what caused them go out of flow in the first place. My responsibility in these departments is not to fix your problems, but to guide and educate you should you wish. Therefore, at the top of the home page you will find a link to “nutritional guidelines”. At the bottom of that page there are 3 printable PDF forms which you can place on your fridge should you and your loved ones wish to make some changes.

Emotional and spiritual life can be very challenging in today’s day and age. There are many ways to “clean out” files that are no longer serving us, when at one point in life those files and experiences may have served or taught us something. Does the body need to hold onto these old files and get bogged down? That is only a question between you and your higher self to know and look into. To assist you in that journey, I have made a lecture and meditation CD entitled The Power of Attention and Intention, of which you will also find the link at the top of this page. It is free and downloadable and one can use this and share this as much as they wish.

I personally live and practice in Samara Beach, Costa Rica after living and practicing globally for 17 years but basing myself in Victoria, B.C., Canada. As there are only about 100 to 150 certified N.O.T practitioners globally, I have done my best to make a contact list of practitioners in North and Central America. At the bottom of each page is a link entitled “Find a local practitioner” so that you may receive this treatment in your home country. It is important that I clarify the following: I practice from a body, mind and spirit approach, but the doctors and practitioners on the referral list, while competent in Neural Organization Technique, may not include the emotional, dietary and spiritual components into their practice.

I am available to do treatments, lectures, and workshops in most countries, should there be an interest in health centers and retreats, conscious corporations, sports teams, or large family/community groups.

Please enjoy the material and share it with others. I welcome you to Costa Rica.



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