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What you are about to listen to is an audio tool that compliments pages 70-75 in my book "Let It Flow - Hands on techniques for healing body mind and spirit". If you have already read this book I hope that you found it enjoyable. If you have not read it and would like a copy, you can order it through this website here. If you don’t have access to computers, you can have your local bookstore order it for you.

My intention is to help you to learn to look after yourself if you so desire. By applying the knowledge in the book Let It Flow and by using this audio tool, my intention will become manifest. I invite you to share this information with as many people as you can.

On a physical level, the body, particularly the nervous system, functions very much like a computer. The nervous system has certain basic commands or programs to fulfil such as eating, moving, breathing, etc. The correct function of these programs is essential for health and survival. As I have described in Let It Flow, physical traumas that occur normally in life can disorganize the function of these programs and illness will result. For these programs or circuits to be corrected the individual will need to seek the assistance of a health care professional such as myself who has the knowledge on how to reset the programs.

Similarly, the chemicals that we ingest, inhale, or inject can have a great effect on the function of the body and its programs, either enhancing your level of health or diminishing it. Never forget that it is largely your choice what you put into your mouth and lungs, or which drugs and vaccinations you choose to allow into your body.

But what about the effect that emotions have on your body? Every day of our lives we are bombarded by a myriad of physical and emotional stimuli that affect our senses. Imagine a computer being able to absorb and store so many bits of information all at once. It is simply staggering to think of what our nervous system, this supercomputer, is capable of doing. Scientists are still nowhere close to matching the sophistication and memory of the human computer.

What science has been able to show is evidence that the mind and body are connected through neuro-chemical pathways. This means that whatever our mind thinks or believes the body will follow. This is a very powerful concept for it places responsibility back to you, the person who is allowing the reaction or emotion to exist. Since the body will follow the mind, it suggests that many of our physical health problems have their roots or causes in the emotional department of our nervous system.

I see many people whose doctors were unable to find any physical cause for an ailment and end up hearing the doctor say “it’s all in your head” and leave it at that.

This leaves the person even more confused and powerless which may further worsen their condition. If it is “in their head”, then the person still wants to find out what it is that they are thinking and to get rid of it or change it. We all inherently want to be well.

There are techniques now available in the field of Specialized Kinesiology and in psychotherapy that are able to assist the person in tracing old mind-body thought forms or programs, that are having negative rather than positive health outcomes. Once identified, there are certain points or reflexes on the body that can be stimulated to delete or undo the body’s response. It is very important to understand that many of these programs exist at a subconscious level so they aren’t always easy to find. The intent is not to make one forget what happened (like brainwashing), or to change what one believes. That is entirely up to you. What is achieved is simply breaking old mind to body patterns so that the person’s body is no longer a slave to an old memory.

In today’s world it is difficult (but not impossible) for us to always be paying attention to what we are feeling and really be true to our needs and ourselves. After all, we have been programmed with thought patterns and belief systems that came from our experiences in life, the impact that our family and their family has had on influencing us as children, and societies beliefs on the whole. These all have a profound impact on us and on the way we function from day to day.

In order to really be free we must clean out our computers of old thought patterns and belief systems that may not be serving the growth and evolution of who we truly are.

It is important when we do a clearing of old body-mind programs not to judge the person, the experience, or the belief system as either good or bad, for it is what it is or at least, it was what it was and may have served a purpose at that time. Remember that in the end, it was you who chose to either accept or reject the feeling and thus have it programmed into your body. What I am attempting to guide you on is that you had the power to allow it and therefore you have the power to change it. To clear out or deprogram the old response and install or put in the new desired one.

To some this may sound like a lot of work, but the way to do this is much easier than you may think.

All that you have to do to either install or uninstall information is to


  2. Give INTENTION.

Let’s look at this more closely

The first part, attention means taking the time when something is going on in your life to ask yourself and equally important to feel in your body if you like what is going on at that moment; do you like the feeling it produces; is this what you really want; and is it good for all involved.

The second part, intention, is for you to give command to your mind and body whether you wish to install or have more of that particular feeling programmed into every cell of your body, or whether you wish to release the feeling or vibration from every cell of your body. The intention is equivalent to pressing either the delete or install button on a computer. It is important that when you are doing the intention (be it installing or uninstalling) that you visualize and feel the whole body receiving the command. Taking a deep breath in and blowing out usually helps to facilitate this process. Throughout all of your life, remember to breathe deeply.

The important concept to grasp is out with the old and in with the new. This does not mean avoiding the truth about ourselves and others, or deflecting the issues at hand without really looking at them. This is a tool that anyone can use to assist the body to cleanse itself of obstructions that may have become impediments to working through issues and stresses. I urge people to devote time to reading books on personal growth, to seek the services of a therapist if need be, to discuss feelings and opinions with others, as well as take the time to be alone with yourself to tune into what you are feeling and who you really are. If we truly do create our reality based on our thoughts, then we owe it to ourselves first and foremost to take responsibility and to cleanse our systems to the best of our abilities before seeking help from another.

Over time I have observed that one thing that ails us all is a failure to feel connected to anything. Sure we may believe in a religion that says that we are all connected but our actions on this planet don’t reflect this attitude. I am not here to say that I have the truth, but I wish to share something from my own experience.

When I was about 5 years of age I had a favourite puzzle, a little board with tiny squares that slid around. In the middle was a picture of two hands in prayer while around the edges were pieces that could be manipulated, and when correctly organized, spelled out the message “Ask and it shall be given you”. Doing this puzzle over and over again impressed my mind with this fundamental truth and I am extremely grateful for this profound early lesson.

Anything that we desire in life-whether it is better health, relationships, wealth, etc-is within our grasp if we first ask our higher mind or higher self for it. The higher self is the part of us that innately knows that we are pure limitless beings connected to the entire universe. Our higher self is concerned for the good of all, not just the self. It is the source of intuition and guidance. Its aim is a win-win outcome.

Unfortunately, most of us do not ask or use the force of our higher self, so doors remain closed to us. Or if they are open we may be afraid or unaware of which ones to walk through. I urge people to think fully and deeply about what they ask for and why, and then detach from the outcome. It is as if you sent a letter. Send the thought and then trust in its delivery.

This technique is very powerful when an individual does not become obsessed or resentful about the outcome. It is also a way to help bring the body into alignment with the higher self because when we do this we enliven the mind-body connection. By simply asking for an end to our pain or illness, and by asking to understand its cause; we learn life’s lessons and begin to understand our own truth.

This leads me to the topic of prayer. When most people pray they ask their higher power to give them something. I feel that prayer should also focus on asking for the removal of whatever is stopping them from receiving what they are asking for. We should ask our higher power to assist us in dissolving any blockages, attitudes, or habits that hamper us from reaching our full potential. Then we have truly given permission to heal by first removing the old which will then allow what we are praying for to flow through us.

I am going to recite a prayer or self-clearing that I created for my patients. They have all reported dramatic changes in their lives when they use it. Be aware that at first it may have created disruption in parts of their lives, but they always kept in mind that they asked for it, and that they must trust the process. Trusting the process without knowing how it all works may well be one of our most difficult lessons in life, yet it is equally one of the most freeing and rewarding lessons to master. The prayer or invocation is as follows:

“On all levels of my being, I release the cause of any and all energies that I may harbour for any reason that are not serving the growth and evolution of my higher self. I forgive myself and everyone for everything, now and forever.”

You can go as far as your will allows with this invocation, bearing in mind that the following four points are the key to co-creation with your higher power.

  1. The intention behind “all levels of my being” should include visualizing or feeling your whole physical body right down to the tiniest particles that make up your cells. Remember that there may be emotional, chemical, and spiritual levels to what you are clearing. See yourself travelling through time and space from past to present to future, and surrender to all possible realities that you may never have thought even existed. The way I do this is by seeing myself as a burning sun or star, filled with light and shining out in all directions.

  2. Allow your higher mind and not your own beliefs to determine the cause of the problem. You may need to surrender your own personal concept or belief of what you thought may be causing your pain, condition, or situation. This frees your higher mind to reach back to the source event, which is most important if you do not want the condition or lesson to return.

  3. Be willing to forgive all participants, including yourself. For example if you have an issue with trusting others or being trusted, you may be holding on to an old fear pattern based on a similar and like event somewhere in your past where trust was breached. You do not have to remember when the event occurred. Just open your channel to issues of trust and relationships, and once you have done that, give intention to clear all the causes of why you cannot trust. Out with the old. Next, visualize and let the whole body feel what it would be like to be in a relationship where you are completely trusting and trusted. In with the new. Ask for what you really want, and then recognize it when it arrives. When it does, walk through the open door even if it feels a little uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Receive what you asked for. It can be that easy if we get out of our own way and Let it Flow.

  4. By giving intention of now and forever at the end of each clearing, you command these changes to be permanent and timeless.

Remember that you create all situations in your life, so instead of blaming others and the outside world for your unhappiness or dissatisfaction, take responsibility and will it to change. Most importantly do not try to change others for they are responsible for themselves. Rather, ask to clear the energies that you carry that are making you respond in a way other than what you would like. Undoing something means it is no longer a statement of who you are.

Similarly, do not be ashamed to ask for anything that you would like. Give your wish list over to the universe. See in your minds eye what it would feel like to already receive it. Think and feel it in the now so that it can begin to manifest here and now. Always ask your higher mind if you don’t know the answer to ANYTHING. Ask to be shown and stay open to the answer. Relearn how to follow your heart and become one with all that is. True co-creation.

This technique can be adapted to any situation. Do not always assume that you are clear with something. Give intention to clear yourself and then know you have looked at the issue already rather than assuming it is done. Remember that the body stores millions and millions of bits of information so it is quite common to have many issues to deal with in the beginning. If you need to, write things down on a daily basis. Pay attention to all the things that happened to you, all the things that were said to you or about you, all the things you said or thought about another. Ask yourself which behaviours you liked and which you didn’t. Did it produce a feeling of discomfort in your body? Were you critical of yourself or were you supportive? Once you have an idea of what you want and don’t want, apply the invocation with intent. In with what you want more of and out with the cause of what didn’t seem to raise your vibration.

As you do this exercise more and more, you will find yourself to be more present in today and flowing with life, as opposed to feeling lost in the past or future, not really enjoying the moment. The light inside of you will begin to shine brighter as the things you asked for start arriving and the things you asked to release start disappearing. When you notice these changes occurring remember to take a moment to thank your higher self and feel it travelling through your whole body, for this is the true gift of co-creation. Please note that you may feel more sensitive to stimuli such as people, music, food, etc. This is just you becoming more present with what you are really feeling at all times. You stop judging that particular stimuli as either good, bad, right or wrong. Instead, you begin to see things as part of the whole that is itself allowed to be what it is. This is what has been termed unity consciousness or god consciousness. There is no separating you from all that is. What has changed is that you have regained the power to choose the thoughts, words, actions, foods, friends, and experiences that raise your vibration and the vibration of the planet, rather than lower it. Learn to shine again and be a star. All you have to do is pay attention, and ask with intention.

Use the following prayer as a guide until this information is one with all levels of your being. Don’t believe in any of what I have said merely because I have said it. Put it to the test. Ask for truth to be shown to you and face the truth. This part is not always easy and requires persistence, especially when you start changing and others don’t. They may challenge you and you will begin to doubt yourself and fall victim to their fears. Stay centred and breathe. Remember to let them be and soon they will let you be. Listen to the guided meditation everyday when you wake up and before you go to bed for the next 30 days. Do it with intention. Modify it to fit your life situations and your wishes. Just remember to use it all the time. Use the force. It is like taking time everyday to weed out your garden. If you don’t do it daily, eventually your whole life becomes a garden of weeds. Happy gardening.

I have expanded the prayer so that one starts to get the idea of how to do this and the different ways it can be applied.

Remember the amount of words used and the words themselves aren’t as important as the intention. We can each do this in our own way to fit the particular situation that we want to clear or install.

If you are listening to an audiocassette, please turn the tape over to begin the prayer.

Sit in a comfortable position or lay down if you like in a quiet setting. Start to breathe and feel your breath going deep down into your abdomen and pelvis. If you have trouble breathing down this far, ask your higher mind to release why you can’t breathe down that far, as there is probably a block somewhere. Persist with the breathing and the block will subside. You may feel very emotional while doing this clearing and you may notice certain symptoms arise such as headaches, muscle spasms, bowel movements, or tiredness. Not to worry, as this is your body’s way of releasing the old energy. Remember you gave permission for this so trust the process.

Dear spirit that resides in me and in everything, I connect now to all levels of my being. The tiniest particles that make up the atoms, molecules, and cells in my body. I reconnect to all of these cells, tissues, and structures of my body and see them as one, as they were when I first started inside of my mother. I connect to every feeling, every thought, and every memory that I have ever had or will have, as well as those thoughts, words, and energies that have been thought of or said about me or projected on to me. I connect to all people and to all parts of nature and the cosmos.

I realize that I am everything and that everything is me, and everything is one. At some point of my life, however, I forgot this truth and became separated form everything. As I became more and more separate and less and less awake to my higher self, I said and did things that were not always for the good of all. Spirit, that really was not my intent. I merely forgot the workings of the power that resides in me. I reconnect and awaken to that power and know that I am love and I am loved if I will let myself be loved. I can do anything my heart wishes if it is in alignment with the truth of all that is.

I am asking and giving permission to heal on all levels of my being. To clear away or remove any and all energies, thought patterns, or belief systems that are not in alignment with, or serving the growth and evolution of my higher self.

I forgive everyone, including myself, for everything. Nothing is worth holding on to other than love. When I don’t forgive, it only keeps us vibrating at a lower frequency, and I choose to be one with higher vibration until I shine. So I truly forgive everyone for everything.

Guide me spirit. Bring me people, experiences, thoughts, events, and things that will teach me and reflect back to me the love and light that I have within me. I realize that the power of what I have said or thought about others and myself has tremendous power. I neutralize all thoughts and words that I have used against others and myself, that have in only lowered the vibration on this planet. I speak only from my heart, regardless of what people think, say, or expect of me. I will notice my thoughts and words and use only those that serve the highest good. All my actions are done with love.

I am so grateful for everything I have. This body, which I have criticized, rejected, or neglected from time to time, is an awesome vehicle. I connect with it and thank it for carrying me through life. I do my best to respect you and look after you, my body. I give permission to release all the toxins that are accumulated in all systems of my body, for they are only lowering my vibration. I see it happening now. I see my body shining brighter as I connect with it and breathe with it.


The people and events in my life have shown me so much. I choose to be awake to see the lessons and the potential that they have, thus giving me the freedom to allow my full potential to rise to the surface. I am not responsible for saving or changing anyone. Only they can do that by becoming awake. I am only responsible for changing myself. To truly receive and be filled with spirit is what will allow me to give to others. I shine as brightly as I can and will it that nothing but universal love and light shines through my eyes. This is what I want, spirit. Show me the way.

Thank you mother Earth and thank you father sky for all that you provide. Forgive us for our neglect of you, but I now realize that our separation and eventual neglect of ourselves is what is causing us to neglect you. I send you love and gratitude. I send this healing out to the universe and I see my hands over the whole planet with light coming through my hands and everything on this planet and in this universe receiving the healing and love that is.

If what I have just asked for is in alignment with the truth of all that is, then I ask that it permeate every level of my being now and forever. If there is any part of me that resists receiving what I have just asked for, then I first ask that those blocks be healed and removed so that what I have asked for can flow through me as one.

I ask for this now and forever.

Thank you for making it so