Neural Organisation TechniqueNeural Organization Technique resets your body’s nervous system programs so that it can return to its full potential.

There are circuits and pathways in and on the surface of the body that allow it to function throughout life, much like a computer. When one receives a strong hit to the head or body, the nervous system programs can get neurologically dis-organized and health eventually diminishes.

N.O.T was developed in 1979 by Dr. Carl Ferreri (d.2007), a chiropractic kinesiologist who observed that there are 3 basic programs that the body uses to function. They are the defensive or fight and flight system, the feeding or digestive system, and the reproductive or hormonal system. Almost all health conditions known to the human involve dysfunction of at least one of these categories. (see video)

After an accident, fall, or sports injury, symptoms such as pain may eventually disappear and one may assume that the body has returned to health. Often this is not the case. Many times the body will physically remain locked in the defensive mode and subsequently draw energy away from the digestive and hormonal systems.  If not reset or reorganized, the body will eventually show problems in these systems, many times years later. (see video)

Neural Organization Technique is a hands on low force therapy that is completed in only 1 to 3 sessions. Once completed the disorganization usually DOES NOT RETURN unless there is a new major trauma.

There may be emotional and dietary factors to consider in a person’s return to health which I take into consideration. My approach, however, is to first make sure that the nervous system programs are functioning so that the body can process information and function correctly.