chiropracticMy doctorate is in the chiropractic sciences, in which the philosophy is the same as Neural Organization Technique. That is, to remove interference in the nervous system.

The difference between traditional chiropractic and Neural Organization Technique is that there is very little spinal adjusting in N.O.T. as found in chiropractic, and more use of connecting points on the body, by light touch or light rubbing.

One frustration that many have with chiropractic is that they have to keep returning for treatments for the same condition. “It just keeps coming back!”  That is what frustrated Dr. Ferreri, the founder of Neural Organization Technique. As a chiropractor he himself felt that there were limits to spinal adjusting and began to look to look deeper.

My approach is to first make sure the patient is neurologically organized using N.O.T. Once I know that all the higher circuits are in order then I can proceed to work on the joints and muscles, knowing that the commands coming from the central nervous system are in order as originally designed.

Spinal adjustments are very important for the health and well being of the human race, and should be utilized from the moment of birth until the end of physical life.  Unfortunately, many people believe that they should only go to see a chiropractor when they have a back or neck pain. You can have vertebral fixations or misalignments that interfere with the function of the nervous system, and this can weaken the overall system leading to illness and disease of all kinds. Therefore it makes sense to find a reliable doctor of Chiropractic for yourself and your family and utilize that doctor like you would a dentist, going in for periodic check-ups and treatments.

There is a myriad of information on the internet that will explain chiropractic and its various techniques.

If one understands the logic behind Neural Organization Technique, it would make sense that one would have that completed first, and then proceed with chiropractic and massage therapies. That is why on a first patient appointment I perform N.O.T.,  and then I proceed with other more traditional modalities.

Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) ©

neuro emotional technique
Quite often a physical symptom or condition may have past unresolved or suppressed emotional event as its cause. The patient and doctors will keep applying physical treatments but the condition remains. N.E.T. is a kinesiology based technique that I use to access and correct limiting emotional mind-body connections, very quickly and effectively. For more information you can read Chapter 4 of my book Let It Flow: The Emotional Body.





If one is in a state of neural disorganization and stuck in the defense or fight and flight mode, then the energy going to the digestive system will be suppressed. See video on Theory of N.O.T and the digestive system. Therefore any food/diet introduced into the body is not going to be processed properly until the body’s digestive system circuitry is corrected. Therefore before trying or evaluating any diet regime I first recommend making sure all circuits are organized and functioning by doing the N.O.T. treatment first.

After one is neurologically organized, they can then try different diets to see what works for them. You can read Chapter 5 of my book Let It Flow : The Chemical Body and refer to my recommendations on the Nutritional Nuggets.




Energetic Rebalancing

rebalancingWe all have an energy body or aura, which holds onto vibrational patterns or signatures, whether they serve us anymore or not. Many people believe that our bodies end at the surface of our skin but science is showing that not to be true. If one only corrects the physical and emotional patterns but disregard the energy body’s pattern, there is a chance the problem may return or one may not completely heal.

I have observed many times that people will practice yoga, meditation, prayer and invocations, all with good intent. However, if the physical body programs are neurologically disorganized, it can sometimes be hard to hold or maintain the desired energy pattern permanently.

Therefore I prefer to first complete the Neural Organization Technique to make sure the physical neurological components are in order. I can then proceed to reset the energetic patterns.

Many times after doing a physical body treatment, the energetic imbalance will reset itself and vice versa. I encourage the patient to continue doing daily cleansing of their energy field using my Attention and Intention invocation and to read Chapter 6 of my book Let It Flow.

Use whatever works for you, but the important part is to use it and do it frequently as a practice to stay in balance, not only when in crisis.